Saturday, December 16, 2006

LiveTalk #005 - I'm in the garrage

The SkypeCast started off all crazy! All these random people tried to invite themselves in but I say no.
So then we just did the safer option of a conference call.

Topics included (but not limited to):
- Christmas cookies
- Garage
- Vegemite
- Haggis
- Leah's cousin
- Definition of a podcast
- Leah leaves
- Mr. Cup
- Leah comes back
- Hanukkah
- Car driving next to a computer.. bi-sexual computer.
- Googleboy
- Irn Bru meets Mountain Dew meets Soda Water
- Shedtroll MORE Hyper?
- International Dateline
- Smashing cans
- "Peanuts" song
- Fergalicous
- LiveEat
- Pop Tarts
- Shedtroll's Spam story
- Jordan poured honey on his buns
- Garraaaggeebyyynnd.. garagebone
- The Random Rapest
- Song break: Fergalicous
- World Of Warcraft
- Chipmunk Christmas Song
- What do you want for Christmas Derek?
- Teddy Grams
- Byebye

Intro music:
"Death By Water" by Adrienne Pierce [PMN] [mySpace]

Download the show (.m4a)

LiveTalk #5 ON TODAY!

Yes, FINALLY it's here... LiveTalk #5 is going to be recorded today!

So any of you who didn't get the e-mail I sent out just make sure you're on Skype on the 16th December @ 1900GMT.

I've made a SkypeCast incase we get a big turnout. The link is here:

Can't wait to speak to you all!


Friday, September 08, 2006

LT #004 - So Random He's Not There!

Shownotes! AHAH! As if! First of all you can find the raw unedited version here: TPAN Exclusive Content.

These shows aren't edited just the audio synced together so enjoy it's randomly greatness!

Many more people were meant to attend this episode but Shedtroll had a freak out and didn't have the time to edit it so he didn't join in. Blah Blah.

It's all good. Enjoy :)

Download the LiveTalk. (.m4a)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Don't worry guys. The LiveTalk #004 IS coming! I've just been on holidays and now back at college so when I get a chance I'll chuck it in the feed. :)

If you haven't heard.. PodShow+ is now in public beta. Go sign up, check it out, it's giddy up! Podshow+

Podshow PDN {podshow-d144f90224f202263827afa79993b412}

Thursday, May 25, 2006

PodTea For Cancer Post-LiveTalk

Wicked SkypeCast everyone!

Alex, Eugene, Henry, Jordan, Michael, Liam, Sam, and the random guy from Portugal. We had some silent times, some IM times, and some CrAZy times. All in the quest for curing cancer!

You can still donate until the end of May!

There won't be any LiveTalk recording for this as it went for just over 2-hours and 10-minutes! LiveTalk #3 will be edited very soon and be online in the next few weeks.

Thanks everyone! Peace out!

Edit (26 May 2006): Sorry Eugene! I added your name :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

PodTea For Cancer LiveTalk (SkypeCast)

Howdy Y'all! If you haven't heard about PodTea For Cancer go here.

I'm having the Official LiveTalk on the Official Day of the World's Biggest Morning Tea at 8am until 10:20am AEST (go here to convert to your timezone). I'll be using Skype's new SkypeCast feature which anyone can use.

Sign up to the LiveTalk here.

I'd love for you all to join in! Feel free to donate or buy The Official Mug from my Store (all profits are donated to The World's Biggest Morning Tea.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

TNC LT #003 - B-Day LiveTalk Installment #2!

From across the globe ***

Well, here's the second, slightly longer installment of the LiveTalk we recorded early Tuesday morning where we talk about everything under the sun, as well as sing an AWFUL rendition of the Australian national anthem... Once again, thanks SO MUCH to Derek, Shedtroll, and EVERYONE who came to my party... It was a blast! Be sure to check the LiveTalk Website for upcoming dates and times of future LiveTalks... Also, check the LiveTalk Blog that Derek made for all LiveTalks...

Alright, thanks for listening. Access the audio HERE!

TNC LT #002 - B-Day LiveTalk Installment #1!

From across the globe ***

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first ever TNC LiveTalk! This particular one was recorded around 3:00 AM Tuesday morning... It was a LOT of fun. Now, there's some people I'd like to thank: First of all, thanks to Derek for being there and helping me out with like everything, AND for the awesome album art of this show! Thanks, Derek! Also, thanks to Shedtroll for comic relief, mainly ;-) AND for everything else he does... You ROCK! Finally, thanks to everyone who came to my party: Daniel, Evan, Alex, Scott, Aden a.k.a. BeanMan, Logan, Andrew, Phillip, Patrick, Michael, and Keith. You guys are great. Be sure to check out the LiveTalk Website for upcoming LiveTalk dates! Hope you enjoy the show, and I'll see ya tomorrow for the 2nd installment of the B-Day LiveTalk! Access the audio HERE!

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Hey, shedtroll here (the reverby one).

I have made an ENTERAINMENT logo for TPAN LIVE! Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

LiveTalk logos

This is the Official TPAN LiveTalk logo. For now anyway.

This logo includes all the LiveTalkers in episode 1; The NodCast (Schmee), The Podshow About Nothing (Derek), The Grey Section Podcast (Sam), and The Demented Random Guy Podcast (Shedtroll)

I also made the following LiveTalk images for use in enhanced podcasts.


For those of you LiveTalkers/LiveTalk editors feel free to use these if you create enhanced podcasts and/or make some other nifty ones.