Sunday, April 23, 2006

TNC LT #002 - B-Day LiveTalk Installment #1!

From across the globe ***

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first ever TNC LiveTalk! This particular one was recorded around 3:00 AM Tuesday morning... It was a LOT of fun. Now, there's some people I'd like to thank: First of all, thanks to Derek for being there and helping me out with like everything, AND for the awesome album art of this show! Thanks, Derek! Also, thanks to Shedtroll for comic relief, mainly ;-) AND for everything else he does... You ROCK! Finally, thanks to everyone who came to my party: Daniel, Evan, Alex, Scott, Aden a.k.a. BeanMan, Logan, Andrew, Phillip, Patrick, Michael, and Keith. You guys are great. Be sure to check out the LiveTalk Website for upcoming LiveTalk dates! Hope you enjoy the show, and I'll see ya tomorrow for the 2nd installment of the B-Day LiveTalk! Access the audio HERE!

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