Saturday, December 16, 2006

LiveTalk #005 - I'm in the garrage

The SkypeCast started off all crazy! All these random people tried to invite themselves in but I say no.
So then we just did the safer option of a conference call.

Topics included (but not limited to):
- Christmas cookies
- Garage
- Vegemite
- Haggis
- Leah's cousin
- Definition of a podcast
- Leah leaves
- Mr. Cup
- Leah comes back
- Hanukkah
- Car driving next to a computer.. bi-sexual computer.
- Googleboy
- Irn Bru meets Mountain Dew meets Soda Water
- Shedtroll MORE Hyper?
- International Dateline
- Smashing cans
- "Peanuts" song
- Fergalicous
- LiveEat
- Pop Tarts
- Shedtroll's Spam story
- Jordan poured honey on his buns
- Garraaaggeebyyynnd.. garagebone
- The Random Rapest
- Song break: Fergalicous
- World Of Warcraft
- Chipmunk Christmas Song
- What do you want for Christmas Derek?
- Teddy Grams
- Byebye

Intro music:
"Death By Water" by Adrienne Pierce [PMN] [mySpace]

Download the show (.m4a)


Blogger Sam said...

was i in this one? i honestly dont even remember... woops

12:38 am  
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